The Law of God and the Trinity [Trans. by Jonathan Cullings]

[The following is a smaller portion of the entire fragment which can be downloaded here. Futon gave the address to The International Metaphysics Convention in ’72.]

              …When we say that the Law of God reflects the character of God, we mean this: God, being both God and neighbor to Himself in the intratrinitarian relations between Father and Son and Spirit, is Love. All three Persons love One Another perfectly and equally. The statement “God is Love” is not a substanceless sentiment, therefore, but a profound insight into the perfectly Good Nature of God, of which His Law is a reflection. All Law, Christ tells us, falls beneath the Two Great Commandments, viz., to love God with all of one’s being and to love one’s neighbor as oneself, but the apostle takes this one step further by emphasizing that “Love is the fulfillment of the Law,” meaning that love does no harm to one’s neighbor. Love, then, finds its origin in the Triunity of God who loves Himself – Father and Son and Spirit – with infinite precision and perfection.

[Download the entire fragment here: The Law of God and the Trinity]