Sketches of Subjectivity: A Pre-Christian Onto-epistemology

After the fire of ’23, Futon re-discovered some of his pre-Christian considerations of onto-epistemology. This document is one of several which were meant to form Futon’s dissertation. Due to his abrupt conversion to Christianity, however, Futon decided that his former cogitations were “refusing to submit to the Lordship of Christ, as is evidenced in the manifest unconscious-conscious dialectic of latent animosity toward the Divine” (Editorial 14, Parvum, Litterarum 13.5 (1821): 3-17), and so he abandoned his project. His Christian work in the field of Onto-epistemology retains some of the emphases of his earlier atheistic writings, most especially of which is his subscription to certain fundamental Augustinian ontological and epistemological concepts.

You may download the transcribed document here: Sketches of Subjectivity (Edited by Jonathan Cullings).


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