“After All, What Does It Matter?” [An Excerpt]

[Dr. Futon’s frequent correspondences with D. Rison are at times definitive of the entirety of his onto-epistemological pursuits. The following pericope is illustrative of this fact. Found in one of Futon’s critical commentaries on the functional history of the Pseudo-Isadorean decretals.]

“….After all, what does it matter? A man, with no claim to any identity, lays claim to an identity and you would identify that as lying, whereas you identify these men as doing good work for the papal kingdom. Is a collective lie better than an individual lie? Play the fool, if you so wish, Mr. Rison, but what is evident is that the individual’s lie cannot be accounted for in your collectivist epistemology. An individual, as a part of the whole, cannot be identified as a transgressor, for he is part and parcel of that law. Be honest, Mr. Rison, and state what it is that concerns you: You are a pantheist, not a Christian, nor an atheist. You claim Christ is your Lord, but Thomas declares Him to be my Lord and my God. You deny the subject exists, which is bad enough logic in and of itself, but you go on to assert that an individual can transgress the law. You, sir, are a joke…”



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